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By: Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies

Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies
The Need for Libya Vision 2020

Though some progress has been made on consolidating peace and security since the 17th of February Revolution, absence of effective policies, legal and institutional frameworks, and lack of ownership and accountability at different levels of leadership has compromised national aspirations. While the driving force behind our nation building experience so far has been our collective ambition for socio-economic and democratic transformation, Libya can do better.

We could achieve much more if we shared a well-defined vision to steer our collective efforts. There is a pressing need to integrate our development policies and strive harder for our country’s future.

Libya Vision 2020 is a call to action for all Libyans to rally behind placing the country on a sustainable development path.

In formulating a vision for Libya, we cannot dwell on lost opportunities and what we lack. We must adopt a forward-looking approach that critically reviews our institutions, policies, and existing plans with confidence in our ability to learn from the past and change. We have a rich history rooted in Islamic, Arab, and African values that has been shaped by a tradition of positive engagement with other cultures and countries. Libya is not starting a nation from scratch but rediscovering its rich cultural and societal values that formed its foundation in the past. It is upon these existing foundations that Libya Vision 2020 was developed.

Because little attention was paid to long term planning since 1969, Libya has had a relatively short experience in development planning. Previous national planning initiatives were developed with mixed results, have constrained the country’s growth and development, and were poorly implemented. After four decades of autocracy, Libyans are demanding better ways forward and deserve a national development vision that addresses their current and future needs and aspirations.

While peace and security are pre-requisites for Libya’s future, there is an equally pressing need to address Libya’s economic, human development, and governance challenges. However, the most critical challenge Libya now faces is developing in a participatory manner, through dialogue and agreement, on a shared vision for the future.

Libya Vision 2020 is a work in progress to be shaped through public and institutional consultation, and we invite all Libyans to participate in its ongoing development.

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For full pdf text of Libya Vision 2020 (Libya-Vision-2020_english )


Admin’s NoteLibya Vision 2020 has been drafted and published before the stagnation of the political situation and the deterioration of security in the country. It was divided into two phases, the first (2014-2017) and the second (2017-2020). Obviously, the plan did not work. However, we think it has a lot of substantively good and practical ideas and visions that can contribute to many transformative changes, but not by 2020. This plan should be considered, among others, to get Libya out of its current chaos and madness.

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