Libya Tribune

By Michael Porter


This vision was published in 2006 as a product of an unusual partnership between the Dictator and the Harvard Business School professor and competitiveness guru Michael E. Porter, with the help of Boston consultancy Monitor Group.

Porter faced a lot of criticism from his colleagues after publishing the report. He was accused that he improperly received millions of dollars to write the 2006 report and calling Gaddafi’s regime a democracy. In a Faculty meeting, one of his colleagues said, “Taking money to support a tyranny by dubbing it a democracy is wrong.” It was clear that to everyone involved that the Libyan Dictator wanted a report that legitimized his regime, and that Porter obliged “for a price.”

Porter’s involvement with Libya began around 2001, when he met Saif, the Dictator’s son, in London. After several dinners, Porter was convinced that Saif was truly committed to political and economic reforms. In 2005, Porter became a senior advisor on the Libyan economy.


The report was titled “Libya at the Dawn of a New Era: Improving Competitiveness in the Global Economy” and it was described as an assessment of Libya’s competitiveness. It included what is called “Long-term Vision: Libya in 2019”.

It was supposed to be executed by 2019—the 50th anniversary of the September Coup of 1969. However, in February 2011, the Libyan people decided otherwise.

The report was leaked in February 2006 by an activist of the Libyan opposition working for the General Planning Council of Libya.


We decided to re-publish Porter’s Report (Libya Vision 2019) because the report has a lot of benefits. It detailed, among many things, the strengths and weakness of the Libyan economy and put forth far-ranging recommendations for change throughout the economy and in Libyan institutions.

The question is “Can we benefit from its pure scientific analysis on economics and governance?”

Yes, we can.


Admin’s Note: The linked pdf document of the PP presentation is incomplete without the oral commentary and discussion.

To see the full pdf text click here (Porter’s Vision )






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