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31 civilian families, by the coastal area of Ganfudah in Benghazi, with 390 children and many elders launched a petition online asking the London and Edinburgh mayors to help get them out of the district safe and sound.

We are all civilians and take no part in the militant conflict. We urgently need to be moved from here by ships to another safe town in Libya. We need to be moved immediately under the supervision and assistance of the United Nations to ensure our safety.” The petition which is titled “London & Edinburgh Mayors: We call on you to save Ganfouda children & families” reads.

The besiged families said that they have inside many sick people, malnourished infants and children, and they are being subjected to shelling and airstrikes from the Operation Dignity forces led by Khalifa Haftar and its foreign backup warplanes.

We appeal to the UN, to the International Community, to Human Rights groups to world, and media to help us immediately… Please secure our transfer away from the conflict zone immediately.” The petition of the Ganfudah families added.

They added that they can’t go to the alleged army (Khalifa Haftar’s Operation Dignity forces who have been besieging the area for months) as they killed many of them.

We are being bombed by the Emirati airstrikes. Many children were killed. Fathia is one among many children were affected by Emirati strikes.”

Fathia is one child who survived an Emirati bombing on her family house in Ganfudah days ago and caused her second degree burns and deformation besides losing her parents and siblings in the airstrike.
The petition was launched Wednesday and has so far got little attention online, but the organisers are hopeful their plea will reach London and Edinburgh mayors and then reach the goal of terminating the siege on their district in Benghazi.

Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation forces have been besieging the Ganfudah area in Benghazi for months now under the pretext of harbouring terrorists with continuous shelling and bombardment backed up by foreign warplanes.



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