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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) issued its 7th Annual Report. It covers the state of human rights in the Arab Region.

The full English version of the report in pdf (human-rights-under-siege)

The report elaborates on major trends in a multifaceted human rights crises in the Arab world. It paints a bleak picture of the status of human rights in the Arab world, but the truth is that the situation is darker, more tragic, and more painful than any report could convey. Neither the Tunisian exception nor the hope that reform setbacks in Morocco will be reversed does little to dispel the darkness.

State rulers in the region claim they are compelled to restrict rights and liberties to prioritize fighting terror, seen as the greatest threat to the prosperity of peoples in the region and around the world. The fact is that fighting terrorism is not a priority for the governments that tout their counter-terrorism efforts day and night in order to buy the international community‟s silence on the war crimes, crimes against humanity, and human rights crimes they commit every day against their citizens or other peoples in the region

The Report’s Contents

Introduction: The Multifaceted Human Rights Crisis in the Arab World

Summary: Major Trends in Human Rights in Arab Countries

Section 1: Challenges to Human Rights in the Arab Region (Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Morocco, and Palestinian)

Section 2: Pity the People: Undermining the Role of the UN in facing the Crisis of Human Rights

Section 3: Understanding the Expansion of Insurgency and Terrorism in the Arab Region


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