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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) published its 7th annual report 2016 on the Human Rights in the Arab Region titled “Human Rights under Siege”.

First Section of the report tackled the “Challenges to Human Rights in the Arab Region”. Eleven countries were discussed in the report. Libya faced enormous challenges in 2015, witnessed by the rapid expansion of ISIS, which gained control of further territories, a total breakdown of state structures with two concurrent authorities in power

and their operation with armed and paramilitary groups. This has created political division and instability, which has threatened the country with chaos and undermined unity as territory has been divided into several sub-states, and extremist groups have taken control of more cities.

Ongoing grave breaches to human rights and international humanitarian law continued to be perpetuated by all armed factions, targeting civilians and HRDs with total impunity. This year also witnessed the continuous failure of attempts to begin a peace process aimed at reestablishing state institutions and the rule of law.

Regional and international actors also continue to worsen the situation in Libya by arming parties against one another, which constitutes a violation of the UNSC resolution and cripples any hope for peace.

The main topics characterized the situation of Human Rights in Libya are:

  • General Context: Failure of State Institutions and a Crippled Peace Process
  • Expansion of Terrorism and Grave Breaches of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • Powerlessness in the Libyan Criminal Justice System Under Rule of Armed Groups
  • Continuing Attacks on Human Rights Defenders, CSOs, and Media
  • Accountability as Deterrence Mechanism to Achieve Peace in Libya


To read the full text of the section on Libya (Human Rights in Libya)




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