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More than three years after the fall of strongman Muammar Qaddafi, Libya is in the midst of a bitter civil war rooted in a balance of weakness between the country’s political factions and armed groups.

Why Libya needs to build a confederal state

By: Fredrica Saini Fasamotti Although there has been some progress in forming a national unity government in Libya, “unity” is a rather inapplicable word for the country. In reality, friction between various political actors remains high.

We Feel We Are Cursed” – Life under...

Human Rights Watch Report An ISIS official makes an announcement ahead of the execution of two men for “sorcery” in Sirte, Libya. Image from a 2015 Islamic State (ISIS) video. The online clearinghouse Jihadology.net posted the video on...

Libya: Will Failure Lead to Partition?

Despite numerous problems the speakers at this month’s meeting of London’s Gulf Cultural Club, titled: Libya: Will failure lead to partition were reasonably upbeat about the country’s future.

Defending Civil Society

ICNL and NED Civil Society is facing serious threats today across the globe. An offensive against the spread of democracy has spread and intensified.