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‘Islamists’ overground and poised to...

This paper was presented by Mr. Ashur Shamis at a conference in South Africa, on the role of Islamist in the Arab Spring, held in August 2012 hosted by, the  Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC)

Face-book in Libya

By: Huda Biuk  Social networking is an interesting phenomenon in Libya. From having a low profile in the country prior to the 2011 revolution to now many Libyans managing more than one profile,

Who Knows? A National Guard could be the...

By: Huda Biuk  A recent statement by a member of the General National Congress, Ahmed Lenghi suggested a national guard may be Libya’s solution to integrating Libya’s militias into the army as well as back into civil life.

Wins and Losses

By: Huda Biuk  I have been clear ever since starting the Bifocal, that this column would always show the flip side.

On Libyan Time

By: Huda Biuk  To introduce every new day in Libya, even before the coming of light, is the call to prayer.

Saving is a Communal Effort

By: Huda Biuk  Saving money is a communal effort for some people in Libya. A system that is currently in place pulls the loaning dependency from banks, and places it on society.

Customer Service

By: Huda Biuk  You are sitting at a restaurant you regularly visit in Tripoli, but this time feels different than any other.

Care in a Tripoli Hospital

By: Huda Biuk It is no secret that health care in Libya is seriously lacking. But, how often are the poor conditions of the extremely ill highlighted in Libyan media?

A Cup of Morning Glory

By: Huda Biuk You don’t have to be in Libya for very long before hearing about, and are curious enough to try the infamous cup of Nescafé.

Proud of My Country & Proud of My...

By: Mahmoud Shammam The campaign that has been launched against Libyan expatriates who are living abroad,  calling them “Double Shafra” was not arbitrary nor improvised, it was an organized campaign, not only lacking logic, but...

Why Libyans Live Abroad

By: Huda Biuk It has been my personal experience that Libyans of all walks of life share a special, nostalgic feeling toward their homeland.

Political Isolation, Just or Partial?

By: Huda Biuk A political isolation law which calls for the exclusion of those linked to the former regime from the current government is being drafted and will be submitted for the General National Congress’ vote in the coming days.

Talking Change

By: Huda Biuk Nothing has changed in Libya aside from the flag and national anthem.